Matthias ten Houte de Lange (b. 1991) is a composer of contemporary music. He started composing and playing the piano at age thirteen – writing a variety of pieces for piano and other instruments. After graduating from high school he studied composition with Caroline Ansink and Jeroen d’Hoe and Musicology at the University of Amsterdam. He graduated with a thesis on narrativity in post-tonal music. Besides his work as a composer, he is active as an arranger, music teacher and pianist.

In his music Matthias tries to achieve a synthesis between the intellectual and the spontaneous, often balancing out structured thought with improvisation. Being an eclectic-thinker firmly rooted in classical music, he doesn’t exclude any combinations of music, but is rather trying to be inclusive, absorbing influences from a variety of things: music, art, books, friends, drinking beers, and standing on his head.

As meaning derives from the interpretation of the listener, there is no less a point in giving a big subtext to music as it is to life. I therefore hope you will make up your own subtext of the things that surround you and give meaning to them as well as to my music.